1 Sep 2013

Joelle On The Lorraine Show

This week I had my 1st ever TV appearance, which was an incredible adventure and a brand new experience for me.

24 Aug 2013

Joelle UK National News

To all my amazing fans, your support has been incredible over the past year and I’ve decided it’s time to show you the real me.

15 Aug 2013

“Big In L.A.” Showing At London’s Portobello Film Festival 2013

Yay! I’ve just had some really great news to share with you all today!.. I’m really excited to announce that “Big In L.A.” is showing at this year’s Portobello Film Festival in London, on Friday 30th August.

28 Jul 2013

It’s Time For The Music To Begin

Hey everyone! Catch up with my latest East Coast video diary episode, which has just been uploaded onto Youtube!

3 Jun 2013

Check Out My Latest Episode Down South :)

My latest episode of my video diary is now live, check it out here!

27 May 2013

Summer Is Finally Here :)

So after the long winter nights and the freezing cold snow, it’s safe to say that summer is FINALLY here!

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