12 Sep 2015

Alopecia UK’s ‘Big Weekend’ a Huge Success

Welcome back to my blog! So this weekend I went up on the train to Manchester for the first time with my Mum, to take part in Alopecia UK’s Big Weekend Event!

20 Aug 2015

Today I Got My GCSE Exam Results

So I have some news for you! You may be wondering why I haven’t been around much doing music on social media, well, I stopped everything so I could try really hard at school,..

14 Jun 2015

Meeting Gordon Ramsay

So I met Gordon Ramsay today, which wasn’t a surprise, as we were part of the support team for his GR100 Ironman triathletes.

1 Nov 2014

Halloween fun!

It’s that time of year again, when you dress up and yell “BOO!” to your younger sister from behind the door!

27 Sep 2014

September Is Redtember

It’s been a busy time coming back to school for my final (last ever) year! New school year, new colour! Red!

30 Aug 2014

The Joelle ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thank you Jen at Alopecia UK for nominating me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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