18 Jan 2017

Galactic Fashion Interview

Have you ever thought of wearing a Stormtrooper belt?

14 Dec 2016

Rogue One – Joelle’s Spoiler Free Review

I got to see Rogue One early at the UK press screening at the IMAX in London!

23 Nov 2016

Joelle Joins The Jedi News Team

Today I officially joined the Jedi News team!

29 Oct 2016

Alopecia UK London Children Support Group

Today I went to the first ever Alopecia UK London children support group.

5 Sep 2016

Alopecia Awareness Month (Alopecia UK Big Weekend)

This month is alopecia awareness month.

7 Aug 2016

Summer Road Trip To The English Countryside

This summer, my family and I took a trip to the English countryside.

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