31 Jul 2017

Modeling My New Look

Red has symbolically and historically been seen as a colour of love, life, wealth, power and passion.

1 Jun 2017

BBC Alopecia Awareness Film

Last month saw the release of an amazing set of BBC short films, one of which showed viewers my alopecia story.

28 May 2017

Secret Trip To LA

If you’re following me on social media you’ll know I’ve made a secret trip to LA!

9 Apr 2017

Alopecia UK At Alton Towers

Loved spending time with these awesome kids and Tomohawk yesterday at Alton Towers with Alopecia UK 🙂

26 Mar 2017

Spring Is Finally Here – School Finals

Spring is finally here! Which season do you love the most?

4 Feb 2017

Skoobie Dootle Official Music Video Out Now

The official music video for my charity record ‘Skoobie Dootle’ is finally here!

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