Joelle is a pop artist from London, England, who first caught the public’s attention when she surfaced into the media as an alopecia awareness campaigner, with her hit internet viral “Big In LA”.

Joelle_missjoelley_blonde-2015_720 Born in Chelsea in 1998, Joelle released Big In LA while only 13, going on to appear on UK national TV and being featured heavily in press all around the world. Joelle’s vocal range was developed in the US after being referred to vocal coach Peggy Johnson, by multi-Grammy award winning mix engineer Phil Tan. Joelle was further developed by Daniel Thomas in the UK, renowned for coaching Brit award winning UK girl group, “Girls Aloud”.

Having quietened her presence on the scene for a short period during her school exam finals and for very good reason, attaining nearly straight A’s, Joelle has returned full force to the music scene, with the imminent release of her new single, set for spring 2017. Produced by number 1 hit K-Pop producer Ross Lara, who has over a million song sales to his credit, Joelle’s new high energy pop single is set to rock the airwaves.

Joelle_missjoelley_singing_live_crop_720Joelle’s popularity has stemmed from her pop vocal sound, marked by her memorable R&B “riffs and runs”, as well as her magnetic stage presence. With her love for Star Wars, Joelle has been embraced by the space saga community on an intergalactic level and has been described by Lucasfilm as “her own hero”, serving as a Young Person’s Ambassador for Alopecia UK (the UK’s largest alopecia charity). Joelle is donating all proceeds from record sales from her latest single directly to Lucasfilm’s charitable movement, “Force for Change”.

joelle-star-wars-vader-tshirt-2016Be sure to visit Joelle’s social media links below:

Introduce yourself on Instagram www.instagram.com/Joelle (especially if you like Star Wars!)
Google Joelle on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+Joelle
Say “Yay” to Joelle on Youtube www.youtube.com/Joelle
Find Joelle on Facebook www.facebook.com/OfficialJoelle
Tweet Joelle on Twitter www.twitter.com/missjoelley

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