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  • Welcome To My Web Home

    Posted: July 1, 2012

    Hi Everyone, welcome to my website! I call it my “Web Home”, this is where you’ll be able to catch up with me and find out all my news as I travel around America this summer. Please subscribe on my email box on the home page!

    I have a lot going on over the school break and thought it best to blog it all online so that you can follow me and share with others. I’m going to miss all my friends over the holidays but you can follow me on here and find out where I’m going!

    After school breaks up I hope to be able to post something every day, we’re getting a new camera so I’ll also be uploading some video diary clips.

    My first videos from LA are going to be uploaded soon that we made over winter of 2011 and and spring of 2012.

    Now it’s summer and I’m just getting through end of year exams before we pack our bags to Atlanta, in the wonderful State of Georgia (I’ve never been, but I’ve been told that it’s wonderful so let’s go and find out!). Look forward to sharing all my news with you, as first to be found here at: www.joelle.uk ! 🙂

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