Alopecia UK’s ‘Big Weekend’ a Huge Success

Welcome back to my blog! So this weekend I went up on the train to Manchester for the first time with my Mum, to take part in Alopecia UK’s Big Weekend Event!IMG_6977This event happens every year where people with alopecia come together to support each other and to share their experiences.

Throughout the day there were several talks by different key speakers about alopecia. In addition to this, there were also various workshops and focus groups, one of which was about people’s experiences with wigs. In this session I was able to speak about my wigs and listen to other people’s stories about their individual journeys with alopecia.

There were also lots of stands where you could try on different wig styles and colours, as well as have false eyelashes applied which was really fun!

IMG_6966Also, at lunchtime it was really nice having the time to speak with people of all ages with alopecia and families, helping give advice and support as well as learning about other people’s day to day lives.

Overall, Alopecia UK’s Big Weekend Event was a huge success and I can’t wait to go next year! See you again soon!

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