The Day I Met Mr. Brainwash (MBW)

For all those who don’t know who Mr Brainwash is he’s really nice and arty! Here he is!


While minding my own business at the airport getting my suitcase off the spinney round thing my Mum comes up to me with this big smiley bearded French sounding man and she says “This is Mr. Brainwash Joelle, we were watching him on TV last night”.. So I’m like “OK Mr Brainwash, how are you?”.

He’s really cool, he loves cameras and making art and stuff, apparently he created the cover art for Madonna‘s Celebration album and is friends with the English street artist Banksy, whoever that is.

Anyway, we love Mr  Brainwash, he has an art exhibition on here in London soon, on the 5th August 2012. It’s at: The Old Sorting Office, 21-31 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1BA.

We can’t go as we’re in America visiting the Cheesecake Factory 🙁  …Maybe my sister Annabelle will pop by! More info at:

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