Joelle On The Lorraine Show

This week I had my 1st ever TV appearance, which was an incredible adventure and a brand new experience for me.


On Thursday I appeared on ITV’s Lorraine show with Kate Garraway and with my mum on the sofa, following the press coverage around the world about the pictures taken of me with my mum with no hair.


It was cool to see what goes on behind the screen in a TV studio, where everything happens so fast!


We had a great time meeting Kate/hanging out with the production crew and bumping into Marcus Collins who is an amazing performer!


Some of the questions were personal, but I felt it was time to talk about the difficulties and challenges that I faced as a child, knowing that others have had to face them too.

It was amazing receiving all your positive feedback and support straight after the show and I am so grateful for all your kind words.

Every child out there who has had to face something that makes them different, whether it’s something you can see or not, who has been through a tough time, whether it’s bullying or being misunderstood, needs to know that they are different for a reason. That reason is to make the world special and to enrich others and educate those who you meet, as to how wide our world is and how different we all are, each with our own special abilities, skills and personalities.

Without these people, the world would be an empty place where everyone is the same and it would be hard to find inspiration.

Inspiration is the key to life and I look forward to meeting inspirational people ever day.


I hope you’ve all had an amazing summer and I’m looking forward to bringing you more news very soon 🙂 Joelle

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