Big In LA Is On Youtube!

Big In LA is now on Youtube as the completed cut!

So to all of you who have followed me from early beginnings, this is where we get to share with you the final finished Big In LA music video, most of which was filmed on my first ever visit to America while on holiday with my family. We used a pocket camera that we had brought with us to take pictures to shoot some video on the beach and those cheeky dolphins that always seems to come by and say hello, around 4pm like clockwork 🙂


I will be releasing more videos later in the year, shortly a remix of Big In LA, maybe with some lyrics for you to sing!

Click here to watch the original video after months of editing work after filming in 20 different locations! Special dedication to my Grandma Miri for inspiring me while making this video.. We love you Grandma!

Joelle 🙂


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