Nashville Update – The Full Details

I have been out here in the States now for over 3 weeks and it has been the craziest 3 weeks ever…so far!!

I’ve just had the icing on the cake of this trip, which was my personal appearance at Nashville’s most prestigious music studios, “Sony Tree Studios”, where I sang a live musical performance and recording session , right in the heart of music city as part of a special project!

This was a once in a lifetime experience for me which I can’t believe I’ve been part of at 13 🙂

I sang live and recorded with a band that was put together with some of the greatest session musicians in America – my “super band”.

The whole day was “MD’ed” by Dave Roe, Johnny Cash’s bassist, who has also played for multiple country stars including Faith Hill. As well as playing bass Dave also music directed the live recording session with my supporting band consisting of Nick Buda, Taylor Swift’s drummer (having played on her albums) also having played drums for Lionel Richie.

I was also accompanied on guitar by Bob Britt, guitarist for country music star Wynonna Judd (member of the country duo The Judds having 14 number 1’s in the States). On acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin (known as the utility performer) was Glenn Duncan, who has performed with many blues and country legends including blues guitarist Albert Lee. On keys I was accompanied by Mike Schrimpf, keyboardist for country legend Conway Twitty who held the record for the most number one singles of any act with 40 #1 Billboard country hits, until George Strait broke the record in 2006 (according to Wikipedia 🙂 )

Phew….now you know why I’ve been so excited!!

It was such a pleasure to meet some of my biggest fans in America who were part of a private audience watching the live performance, which was also streamed to the rest of my fans on the internet. To my sisters in London, I hope you enjoyed the live performance in Nashville from home on the internet! Good to hear my cousin got to watch it in New York 🙂

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