Atlanta, Nashville, Here We Come

What a week it’s been! It’s time to announce my Atlanta and Nashville trip officially!

So it’s that time again guys! I’m finally able to announce that I’m flying over to the States next week on summer break for a whole heap of fun and goofing around on the “East Coast”, even though I’m not actually going to the “seaside”, we are on the “East Side” 😉

We’re staying in Atlanta recording with some really amazing producers, one guy Ross who has been working with Paul Oakenfold, I’ve only just heard of the name, Mum says he’s one of the most famous club DJ’s in the world (can’t say I’ve been clubbing much at 13 :))

Anyway I’ll be posting more about my songs with Ross on my video diary in a couple of weeks, it’s really insanely exciting we’re also meeting the guy who hooked us up, Phil who’s mixed Mariah Carey’s/Rihanna’s music and some of Justin Bieber’s latest album. Bieber you’re all so grown up now, where did your little quiff go? 🙂

More exciting news, I’m going to Nashville in August! I just had to go visit music city! I’m jamming live music which is being performed and recorded as part of a live concert for a special private audience of my biggest fans, as well as being streamed online in America and back home in the UK for the rest of my fans, as part of my holiday video diary. The band playing alongside is awesome, being music directed (“MD’ed” as it’s called, so I’m told) by a real groover, the legendary bass player Dave Roe who was Johnny Cash’s bassist. I’ve heard the name Johnny Cash loads of times but didn’t know exactly how well known he was until I looked him up!

More news to follow shortly on my Nashville experience, I really don’t know what to expect, but I am hoping that there will be a “Donut Prince” there as I haven’t had an American donut since Christmas 🙂

*Photographer: Dave Wise –

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