Summer Road Trip To The English Countryside

This summer, my family and I took a trip to the English countryside.joelle-uk-road-trip-01This is a picture of me on the highest point of the Ridgeway, along the chalk ridge of the Berkshire Downs. The Ridgeway is one of the oldest roads in Britain (at least 5000 years old).


joelle-uk-road-trip-02At Oxford University Church of St Mary the Virgin, which was previously owned by a Norman, Aubrey de Coucy, according to 1086 records.


joelle-uk-road-trip-03The original Stonehenge! This is a stone from one of 3 stone circles at Avebury dating back to Neolithic times and is the largest stone circle in Europe.

joelle-uk-road-trip-04The Great Bath at the Roman Baths in Bath! The Romans built this on a natural hot spring, the water is 97.8 F which is the same temperature as human blood.

joelle-uk-road-trip-05The medieval site of Donnington Castle in Berkshire. The castle was founded in 1386 and, during its’ history, withstood an 18 month siege during the First English Civil War.

Hope you enjoyed some of my holiday snaps!

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