Joelle L For Love Music Video Announcement

I’m making a music video to raise awareness about discrimination and I need your help.Joelle L For Love Joelle 720p

If you have been discriminated against and want to be part of a project that makes a stand against discrimination, then this project is for you. Please email me at to find out more about this project and for a chance to appear in this music video that will be shared around the world.

You might have been discriminated against because you have no hair like me, it might be because you have a birthmark, it might be because you are physically or mentally challenged. It might be because of your faith. It might be because of your ethnicity. It might be because you are gay. Discrimination must be challenged and the only way to truly overcome it is to unite together.

I am a Young Person’s Ambassador for the UK’s largest alopecia charity, Alopecia UK since 2014, and am proud of the work this organisation has done to change the way people look at each other.
I’ve started this new project not only for people with alopecia, but for everyone who has been discriminated against.

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