Alopecia UK Alton Towers Event 2016

I’ve just returned from Alton Towers after meeting up with over 180 people who are part of Alopecia UK!

Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_07Today my blog is about a day out that was full of smiles,… and hands in the air!

Check out some of the photos taken from Alopecia UK’s Alton Towers 2016 event. It was amazing to meet so many people who have all experienced alopecia themselves or through family and friends.

For more information and support on alopecia, visit Alopecia UK’s website on the following link 🙂

Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_01 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_02 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_03 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_04 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_05 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_06 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_08 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_09 Joelle_Joelle_Alopecia_UK_Alton_Towers_2016_April_10

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