My First Trip To NYC

Some of you may know that I have travelled all the way over from London to the East Coast of the USA to New York! It’s my first time in New York and I am still amazed by the size of the city!


It is by far one of my favourite places in the world and I will treasure every moment of it. While I have been here it has been crazy as ever, as now that I have finished my GCSE’s (thank the heavens!), I have been working really hard on lots of secret projects which I am sooo excited about and I cannot wait for you all to see. SPOILER ALERT: there might just be a music video involved…maybe 🙂

Joelle-New-York-School-02Anyway, while I was in New York, as part of a special project I made a personal appearance at one of the largest public high schools in New York City. This was part of Bullying Awareness Month in October, where I gave a special performance as part of a seminar on dealing with the issues of bullying at Bayside High School. This was my first time in an American high school, which is something I had always dreamed about ever since High School Musical came out. I couldn’t believe how big the school was compared to the UK, I’d need a map, just to get around!


I was sooo grateful that everyone listened and that some of the 1000 students that I spoke to opened up about their own experiences with bullying. They shared their experiences of being bullied with someone which they said helped a lot, and I was glad to hear this.  I know that from my experiences with bullying, telling someone about it can help that person. Getting advice and help from a friend who can stand up for you, can also take a lot of weight off your shoulders. It’s the best thing that you can do. Even if you only tell ONE person, it can make all the difference in the world.


I really appreciated seeing everybody enjoying my music and singing along which made me smile 🙂 It got quite emotional at times, which was quite overwhelming, as by the end of the sessions there were some tears from hearing each others stories, and how I got to my this point in my life in dealing with bullying.


It was also a really nice surprise to have people come up to me and hug me at the end, which made me feel really welcomed and part of the family!

Overall my experience at Bayside High school is one which I will never forget and I would love to come back and see the school again soon!


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