Meeting Gordon Ramsay

So I met Gordon Ramsay today, which wasn’t a surprise, as we were part of the support team for his GR100 Ironman triathletes.

Joelle missjoelley Gordon Ramsay GR100

You might be wondering what an Ironman triathlete is? Well it’s someone who is crazy (in the nicest possible way!) These men and women train all year round to compete in a race which involves swimming 1.2 miles, cycling 56 miles and then running a half marathon to the finish line, just in time for tea!

Someone in my family (Norman) was picked by Gordon in January and he trained with him for half of the year until race day today! I’m so proud of the GR100 team, who raised loads of money for the Gordon Ramsay Foundation 🙂

Well done Gman!

Find out more about Gordon’s charity foundation and donate here on Facebook:

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